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8443516-MAR-18BI Publisher setup for Apex PDF PrintingSetup10
8441507-JUN-17Export Apex Apps PL/SQLAPEX10
8439518-MAR-17Interactive Grid TricksApex10
8437617-JAN-17Submit request and get outputOracle Requests10
8435524-SEP-16Disticnt List from collectionSQL10
8433619-AUG-16read an external directoryUtility10
8431511-APR-16Add Totals to IR reports on all pagesApex IR Report120
8429612-FEB-16Apex Org SecurityAPEX Security10
8429512-FEB-16build XML table in a view using xmlagg,xmlelement and xmlattributes xmlagg,xmlelement and xmlattr10
8427511-FEB-16Functions on dynamicaly gererated regions on ipadjquery,iPad20
8423521-DEC-15F@#K Oracle WalletsWork arounds20
8421501-DEC-15Setup Custom Table For APPS EditioningOracle Apps10
8419522-SEP-15Freeze report headers and columnsAPEX10
8417516-MAY-15This application was not run from the Application Express Application BuilderApex10
8415530-APR-15Oracle Universal Installer CrashesOracle10
8413513-APR-15xQuery hierarchyxQuery30
8411522-SEP-14Add Dev Toolbar to APEX Jquery MobileAPEX10
8409525-JUN-14Upload MultipleUPLOAD10
8407517-APR-14Load Excel data to web siteExcel10
8405506-MAR-14Jquery LOVjquery10
8403506-JAN-14Select from xml columnXML10
8401530-DEC-13Register Host Concurrent RequestOracle Apps10
8399521-OCT-13Convert Longs to ClobsDB10
8397522-AUG-13show column headers when no data found + change column orderApex10
8395521-AUG-13Select comma sep sting as viewSQL10
8393523-JUL-13jquery get checkbox valuejquery10
8391513-APR-13Secure VPN Connection terminated locally by the Client Reason 442VPN10
8389505-JAN-13Add Startbar functionality to Windows 8Windows10
8387510-AUG-12select from collectionsql10
8385506-AUG-12Apex capture interactive report conditionsAPEX10
8383521-JAN-11Sleep TimerUtils10
8381518-JAN-11Error:Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address <host> port <port>Apache10
8377508-DEC-10Google Calendar dataRemote Data10
8375518-NOV-10Return data multiple rows into one column sql10
8373503-NOV-10XMLType TransformXML20
8371513-AUG-10jQuery popup regionjquery30
8369512-NOV-09Set Up OM PrepaymentFunctional10
8367624-DEC-08How to resolve XML Publisher Request Complete With Error Due To APP-FND-01564: ORACLE error 1403 in afpgpubfXML Publisher80
8367524-DEC-08Run OS commands from PL/SQLPL/SQL50
8366328-AUG-08Update or insert based on a record / rowtypeSQL70
8366226-AUG-08Register Concurrent Request in PL/SQLPL/SQL31
8366023-AUG-08Resolve ORA-24247: network access denied by access control list (ACL)EMAIL SQL161
8365723-AUG-08Create Globally Unique ID GUIDSQL10
8365623-AUG-08Script to create Oracle APPS user with SYSADMINSCRIPT40
8365523-AUG-08Aggregate functions in SQLSQL190
8365823-AUG-08Create APEX User with admin privsAPEX70
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